After the way you guys came through on that MTV voting a few weeks ago, (80,000-90,000 VOTES?!) it got me to thinking. 

I thought about when my last album came out, and debuted at #19 on iTunes hip hop and I watched all day, as it climb up the charts to #9...all because of y'all.  People wrote me, saying they bought my album just to see it go up the charts, people who never buy stuff from itunes, and people who bought my album MULTIPLE TIMES...just because they wanted to see me win.

I thought about so many conversations i have had with you guys, online, at the merch booth, in the street, and even in the middle of the GAT DAMN dance floor at 5AM, during the Prince memorial dance party at first ave last week!  Having total strangers come up to me, and tell me, what a song of mine, or an album of mine means to them.  Or how it helped them get through a rough patch, or how a couple fell in love to my song, or met at my show, or walked down the aisle to "oceanwalk"...it means the world to me.

You guys have given me SO MUCH over these years, rode SO HARD for me, and supported me, my music, my friends, given me a platform to stand on, and always taken the time to listen to my records, as i bounced through genres, and styles, and grown into the artist i am today. 

After i did some thinking, i got talking with my labels, and my team, and we all agreed, that we were tired of waiting, and tired of making you guys wait, and you guys have been so good to me, that we thought, "Fuck it!  Let's give it to 'em early!"

So, as a small token of our appreciation for everything you have done, from now, until its release on May 13th, we are going to make my new album available to stream for free, from my soundclound.

This album is a big step for me, as an artist, and a human, and honestly, i think it is the best thing i have ever made.  And it would have never have been possible for me to make this record, to live this life, to see the things i have seen, to tell these stories...if it wasn't for y'all.

So thanks, for the support, for showing me your world, for sweating, and for singing your god damned lungs out at so so so many shows.  This is going to be an exciting year, an exciting release, and this is just the beginning. 

I am so happy that you guys are here, to be apart of it all.

Thanks again,


ENJOY: https://soundcloud.com/astronautalis/sets/cut-the-body-loose

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